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Flying Bulls Training in Maribor 2015

In my videography section you can now see a link to a video I made for RedBull Flying Bulls. This video was made during the 5days training week they had in Maribor, Slovenia.

Filming airplanes and helicopters was totally new for me as - like all live events are unpredictible - so you have to get used to their routine. Thank to the organizer I had the full access to the airplanes when they were on the ground. Unfortonatelly due to technical problems we could not use the gopro for some interior and exterior shots for the flying part and the plane that took the photographers in the air had no more room for me, so in the end I was limited to the shots from the ground.

For shooting I used my Panasonic GH3 for the beauty shots and the Sony X-160 for the flying shoots as my current lens collection does not feature a big tele zoom lense, and even if I did have one - it would probably would not have a smooth zoom lenses - as did the Sony - so like I always say - you have to choose the right tool for the right action. There are some differences, especially in the contrast part of the picture and the quality of the Sony zoom in the end - at 25x zoom - seems to get a bit lower, it becomes quite noisy - at least that was my experience.

For Tele Ho ltd. we are preparing some new projects for Red Bull, but about these projects more - when they will happen.

Until then:

Fly like a bird ;)